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about me

Hi, I'm a college girl from Hungary :) I love asian culture, and listen to mainly Japanese, Korean and Chinese music :) I also like asian dramas and movies.
I love dogs, and have two! :D Actually I'm very shy and it's difficult for me to make friends. I'm not cold or anything, just stupid shy XD And hate writing profiles. Really, I can write anything, still you won't know me... :P

Errrr... what should I write? Ehhhh it's really hard xD

Backt to my obsession... Everything began with anime and manga :D I love them and read them. Mostly shoujo and josei, but comeday and fantasy, slice of life as well, and I espcially love gender bender manga! :P I prefer the serious ones with original plot over silly typical shoujo manga (for example: Skip beat, Tenshi ja nai, Basara, Kare kano, Ghost hunt, Ashita no Ousama etc). I love drawing too :D

My Asian-period began with Japanese music and drama, than Korean and finally I arrived to China :P I still love them, but now I'd like to learn Chinese :D I mainly watch Korean drama and listen to Korean music, and just a few Japanese and Chinese. I have a lots of favorit artists and bands, but my first love is Wu Chun :) Awww this guy :3 ^__^

I watch some American serieses too: House MD, Grey's anatomy, Criminal minds and Bones.

I love reading :D I read what I like and not care what others think or like :P I like vampires -already liked before Twilight-, but I'm picky, don't read anything, just Anita Blake and Jeaniene Frost's Cat&Bones.
And I read romantic novels, and classics too. My all time fav is Pride and Prejudice (Mr Darcy omg *.*) but Jane Austen other works are good too :D

As I mentioned I'm picky - very very picky. Not just picky eater, but picky reader and viewer XD

And finally, things I don't like: yaoi, boyslove, shounen-ai or whatever you call it. Noooo, please nooo... And slash fanfictions. O.O I can't imagine bigger shock, than finding a fanfiction, where your favourite male character is doing it with an other man O____O T_T Sorry, you can hate me, but I just can't... >_< But if you can overstep, it's not a problem :D I choose the safe silence - nobody speaks about it :D:D:D

Oh well, if you've reached this point, you deserve a huuuuge applause :D I can blabbing forever if nobody stops me :D:D

Bye bye, add me if you'd like to, if not, that's okay too :D Have a nice day and thanks for reading my stupid things XD

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