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13 January 2016 @ 01:13 pm

Feel free to add me!
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11 April 2011 @ 10:24 am

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14 February 2011 @ 02:23 pm

so cute :D:D:D
16 January 2011 @ 10:11 pm
Have you ever had a pet that ran away? Did you eventually find her or him? If not, how long did it take you to recover?

Oh yes, my first dog. He ran away and never came back :( I was 7 at the time, so don't really remember, just that I was really sad and was waiting for a long time for him to come back... :(((
I was always hoping, that he might found a new owner and lives a happy long life... :(
My second dog often ran away for a few hours, but always came back :))
31 December 2010 @ 04:43 pm
Happy new year!! :)

B.Ú.É.K.!!! :D:D:D:D:D

24 December 2010 @ 06:30 pm
... but merry xmas!! :D

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22 October 2010 @ 02:00 pm
no comment XD

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18 October 2010 @ 09:04 am
In GTV-Comic Ritz's idol drama, Taiwanese version of "Absolute Boyfriend," Wu Zun has to wear a tight white body suit in order to play a perfect robot boyfriend. His body shape is clearly visible. Once praised Wu Zun's muscular body, female lead of the drama, Korean actress Goo Hye Sun was asked what is the most robust from Wu Zun. She blushed and just laughed, didn't know how to answer. Wu Zun jumped in to help her out from the embarrassing situation: "You don't have to answer this question."

On the set, the leads perform with their native language. Goo says her lines in Korean and Wu Zun says his in Mandarin. Wu Zun disclosed he learned some Korean from Goo right away. "I learned 'a-lah-so' (I know) and 'ken-chia-nai' (it's okay)," he said. Language barrier is quite a problem for them and the two disclosed they know when to say their lines based on each other's body language. But it doesn't work all the time. For an example, during the shooting of several scenes, they had already said their lines but still didn't hear the director say 'cut'---in fact, they didn't know their shot is already over. "I think it only happens in the beginning of shooting. Then our chemistry will get better over time," Wu Zun expressed. "It was a little messed up, but really fun," Goo said.

XDXD hhahahahahahahahahahahaaaa.... XD
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10 October 2010 @ 11:37 am
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30 September 2010 @ 02:41 pm
Nyaaah :D i'm here :D ^___^

Sooo about the concert.... hmm... so I should write about it,huh?

Well I arrived at 5 to the club the gates were open at 6, and I got in 30 minutes later. Not bad :D But the concert started at 8. I stood exactly in the same place like last time, at the Versailles concert. It's a really good spot :D I let everybody who wanted, to go ahead. I didn't want to fight or anything. So I let them, but I don't mind, I had a really great place, and saw everything! I bet, I saw more than those in the front rows. And nobody wanted to kill me xD I will never go ahead, staying at the back, where are few people, is the best. You can see everything above the hands. I lost Yamiki and her friends, so I was alone.
Timi, do you remember the Austrian guy from the V. concert, who wore a fancy baroque costume, but was rather Captain Cook? :D So he was there too!!! Next to me XDXD LOL XD So funny :D Sometimes I was afraid, he might knock me out XD

Gosh, I think I'll die while waiting! Sooo long and boooring! Interesting, there were less screaming and kyaaaa-ing than at the Versailles. Maybe that's why I'm not completely deaf :D Though girls were screaming but it wasn't that bad.

LOL XD But while waiting somebody screamed: HIZAKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!! LOL O__o I don't know much about the band, but I know that the singer is called Hizumi XDXD FAIL XD XD XD

When it started.... O___O Uhhh... I knew they aren't a soft band, but uhhh.... I was shocked. The music was rumbling, booming, thundering... I can't tell the feeling... It was scary. It was loud, and I felt it in my body. They are the people I don't like to meet with in a dark alley xDXD

Hizumi talked a bit, but I didn't hear or understood XD But I liked how he said Hungary :D
"Are you ready Haaangaaary?"  with hoarse voice. Dunno if it's his original voice, or the cause why they'll take a break....

People in front was bouncing like crazy XD

Anyway, it wasn't forbidden to take photos or record videos, so lots of people have record. If you search videos on Youtube, you'll find a lot soon. I heard somebody made a 30 minutes long video O.o

Music was nice, though I didn't know some of the songs.

The concert was 1,5 hours long.

At the end they took the gifts, flags and things, let us to take photos and bye. It ended so sudden! I think there were no encore O.o Or the audience was bad... Coz they made a few minutes pause, and came back, but between them wasn't much screaming and recall... O__o Weird. Or I was blank... XD

Well, it was exciting, but I didn't have The Feeling. Like at the Versailles. I just wasn't in the mood or what, dunno. No feeling. :( But I don't regret going :P Becauuuuuse..... :D I have a jack!!! I got it!!! kyaaaaaaaa XD

I never win anything, I never have luck but now I was lucky :D:D It's soooooo good ^___^

So before they made a pause, they throw the drumsticks and jack like they do it always. Lol I wasn't aware it's that time already, so I realised bit later what's going on :D I saw two girls looking something on the floor, searching wiht their foot. And I saw it! I saw the jack and picked it up! I was faster then those two :D LOL :D One of the girl stepped on my hand, when I tried to pick up - purposely. But HAH! I didn't let it!!! :D:D:D I got some dirty look but who cares? XD I grinned at them  :P:P MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!!! \o/

So that's all.

It's a bit frayed, cuz Karyu used this during the concert!!! :D waaaaaaaaaaahhh :D soooo coool :D >_< kyaaa XD :3
Should I sell it on the Ebay? Or trade it for Hizaki's jack? :P:P

(btw aren't the photos beautiful??? I used my new camera :P:P I'm amazed XD
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